Errata list for Manual of Computer Graphics

Last Updated 11 Jan 2013 Errors found by the author Plate E.1. "Subviding" should be "Subdividing". Plate G.3. "Dye" should be "Die". Page 110. See error correction for page 1226. Page 1226. The Bayer filter is named after its developer, Bryce E. Bayer (1929--2012). Bayer, a scientist at Eastman Kodak, received U.S. Patent No. 3,971,065 in 1976 for the filter. It is interesting to note that he suggested in his patent application that either RGB or CMY colors could be employed in the filter. Bayer was also the developer of the recursively-defined matrices used in ordered dithering (matrices D_22 and D_44 on page 110). ------- Error found by Mahmoud El-Sakka Pages 639-640. The CALIC encoder algorithm listed on these pages is wrong. This error has been in the book since the 2nd edition. Anyone interested in CALIC is invited to submit a listing of the correct algorithm to the authors. -------- Error found by Fred and Kay Skripka Page 1495, line -25. "Scott H. L." should be "Scott, Herschal Lee (artist, 1945--2012)" --------

Once or twice he [Joyce] dictated a bit of Finnegans Wake to Beckett, though dictation did not work very well for him; in the middle of one such session there was a knock at the door which Beckett didn't hear. Joyce said, "Come in," and Beckett wrote it down. Afterwards he read back what he had written and Joyce said, "What's that `Come in'?" "Yes, you said that," said Beckett. Joyce thought for a moment, then said, "Let it stand." He was quite willing to accept coincidence as his collaborator. Richard Ellmann, James Joyce (1959).