Last Updated 19 Apr 2017.

Error found by Chris Wu

Page 281 line 4: should be (-2,-1.5,-1,-0.5,0,0.5,1,1.5) (the value -1 is missing).


Error found by Joseph North

Page 449 reference Lagrange (1877): 
``Le\c cons \'El\'ementaires Sur Les Math\'ematiques, Don\'ees \`a l'Ecole Normale en 1795,'' 
should be 
``Le\c cons \'El\'ementaires Sur Les Math\'ematiques, Donn\'ees \`a l'Ecole Normale en 1795,''


Error found by Tom Williams

Page 160: Matrix B in the large display equation in paragraph -3 should include a factor of 1/60.

------------------        -------------------         ----------------

(Apr 2011) Error found by Bill Wilburn

Page 88, Figure 3.4a: The correct coordinates of point (0,0,-0.5) should be (2,1,-0.5).


(Jan 2012) Error found by Pieter Barendrecht

Page 232, end of section 6.21: "0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1" should be "0, 0.33, 0.67, and 1". Four, not five, values of $u_k$ are needed because there are 3x4 control points in our example.

Page 261, line 14: "... or order 5, (quintic, with one segment)." Should be "... or order 5, (quartic, with one segment)."

(Feb 2012) Page 253, Equation (7.4). 2b_2+b_1=0 should be 2b_2+b_1=a_1 and 2c_2+c_1=0 should be 2c_2+c_1=b_1.


(Jul 2012) Error found by Aleksy Jones

The expression for $d$ in the middle of page 298, "d=D_3^2/((D_3+D_4+D_5)(D_4+D_5))" should be "d=D_3^2/((D_3+D_4+D_5)(D_3+D_4))".


(Feb 2015) Error found by Ricardo Marroquim

Page 20, second display equation from the top (line approximately -10). The end of the equation should be "T(t) \cdot M \cdot G".

(Mar 2016) Error found by Randy Tarr

Page 278: In the calculation of N_{03}(t) in the interval 1 =< t < 2, the first term should be t/2(2 - t) rather than t^2/2(2 - t).


(Apr 2017) Error found by Rodrigo Silveira

Page 268: The top display equation (which links the cubic B-splines to Bezier curves) is missing a factor of 1/6 in front of the leftmost matrix.


errata \e'rat-e\ n 

a: a list of corrigenda

corrigendum \kor-e'jen-dem\ n

a: an error in a printed work discovered after printing
and shown with its correction on a separate sheet