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 keywords =     "authentication; computer security; cryptography;
                encryption; firewalls; identity theft; malware;
                physical security; spyware; trojan horses; viruses;
 publishersummary = "Anyone with a computer has heard of viruses, had
                to deal with several, and has been struggling with
                spam, spyware, and disk crashes. This book is intended
                as a starting point for those familiar with basic
                concepts of computers and computations and who would
                like to extend their knowledge into the realm of
                computer and network security. Its comprehensive
                treatment of all the major areas of computer security
                aims to give readers a complete foundation in the field
                of Computer Security. Exercises are given throughout
                the book and are intended to strengthening the reader?s
                knowledge - answers are also provided.\par

                Written in a clear, easy to understand style, aimed
                towards advanced undergraduates and non-experts who
                want to know about the security problems confronting
                them everyday. The technical level of the book is low
                and requires no mathematics, and only a basic concept
                of computers and computations. Foundations of Computer
                Security will be an invaluable tool for students and
                professionals alike.",