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Biographies in Data Compression

June 2009 edition

This is the website of the "Biographies in Data Compression" project. The idea is to have a free Ebook with biographies of people active in the vast, fascinating field of data compression. Anyone even remotely associated with data compression may have heard the names Huffman, Ziv, Lempel, Elias, Shannon, Fano, Rice, and others. Who are (were?) those people? What backgrounds did they come from? What were their principal achievements? What did they look like? If you have ever asked such questions, why not join this project? All it takes is for you to download the current edition of the book, browse it, and then submit your biography to the address below and wait for it to be included in the next edition of the book.

This Ebook is currently maintained by David Salomon. Please send biographies, questions, and comments to [email protected].

There currently are ii+10 pages and the book can be obtained here.

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