Data Compression: The Complete Reference.

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By David Salomon. Published by Springer (1997). ISBN 0-387-98280-9. LCCN QA76.9.D33S25 1997. xx + 427 pages.

Written June, 1996 through February, 1997. Produced May, 1997 through December, 1997. In addition to a glossary of data compression terms and an index, the book includes numerous exercises scattered throughout the text, offering the reader a chance to test their knowledge and understanding "on the fly." Answers are provided. The book is bound as a paperback with a colorful cover depicting an array of vanishing bits.

A BibTeX style file and an Errata list are available.

The author would like to thank Peter Smith, J. Robert Henderson, John Motil, and Nelson H. F. Beebe for their help, comments, and encouragment.

Table of contents

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Preface page

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Table of contents [xvii-xx].
Preface [v--xv].
Chapter 1. Basic Techniques [1--19].
Intuitive Compression. Run-Length Encoding for Text and Images. Move-To-Front Coding.
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Ch. 2 page

Chapter 2. Statistical Methods [21--100].
Information Theory Concepts. Variable-Size Codes. Prefix Codes. The Golomb Code. The Kraft-MacMillan Inequality. Shannon-Fano Coding. The Counting Argument. Huffman Coding. Adaptive Huffman Coding. MNP5. MNP7. Reliability. Faximile Compression. Arithmetic Coding. Adaptive Arithmetic Coding. Text Compression. PPM.
Chapter 3. Dictionary Methods [101--162].
String Compression. LZ77. LZSS. QIC-72. LZ78. LZFG. LZRW1. LZRW4. LZW. LZMW. LZAP. LZY. LZP. Repetition Finder. UNIX Compression. GIF Images. The V42bis Protocol. Zip and Gzip. ARC and PKzip. ARJ and LHarc. EXE Compressors. CRC. Summary.
Ch. 5 page

Ch. 4 page

Chapter 4. Image Compression [163--249].
Introduction. JPEG. Progressive Image Compression. JBIG. Context-Based Image Compression. FELICS. Progressive FELICS. MLP. PPPM. Calic. Differential Lossless Image Compression. Quadtrees. Space-Filling Curves. Weighted Finite Automata. Iterated Function Systems (IFS). Wavelets.
Chapter 5. Other Methods [251--299].
The Burrows-Wheeler Method. Symbol Ranking. ACB. Sparse Strings. Word-Based Text Compression. Textual Image Compression. Dynamic Markov Coding. Sound Compression.
Append B page

Append A page

Appendix A. The ASCII Code [301--303].
ASCII Features.
Appendix B. Bibliography [305--316].
General Works. References.
Appendix C. Curves That Fill Space [317--331].
The Hilbert Curve. The Sierpinski Curve. Traversing the Hilbert Curve. Traversing the Peano Curve. L systems.
Appendix D. Determinants and Matrices [333--335].
Matrix Operations.
Index page

Glossary page

Appendix E. Error Correcting Codes [337--348].
First Principles. Voting Codes. Check Bits. Parity Bits. Hamming Distance and Error Detecting. Hamming Codes. The SEC-DED Code. Generating Polynomials.
Appendix F. The Fourier Transform [349--353].
The Frequency Domain.
Appendix G. Group 4 Codes Summary [355--356].
Appendix H. Hashing [357--360].
Hash Functions. Collision Handling.
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Appendix I. Interpolating Polynomials [361--366].
One-Dimensional Interpolation. Two-Dimensional Interpolation.
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Answers to Exercises [367--402].
Glossary [403--417].
Index [419--427].