Last Updated 3 May 2010.

Errors Contributed by Nelson H. F. Beebe

p. x (Preface) line -13: "published in 1977" should be "published in 1998"

Some index entries are off by one page

Page 288, the first two entries for letter C should refer to p. 284, not 285.  

Page 295, the entry for Vaidyanathan (p. 201), should be for p. 202.


Error found by Richard Pace

Page ix. The Braille code of the letter "H" should be 


17 June 2008. Error found by Steve Jothen

Page 9, line -1: $-\lceil\log_2 P\rceil$ should be $\lceil\log_2 -P\rceil$ (this guarantees that the ceiling is that of a positive number).


Errors found by the author

Page 108, line -10: "that forms 45^\circ angles" should be "that forms equal angles".


(May 2010): Error found by Bernd Herd.

Page 59, line -5. The book claims that I proposed the LZH idea. While
I would be proud if I had, I have only worked a lot with the lha packer
developed by Haruyasu Yoshizaki around 1990, especially I used it for quite a
while to develop setup programs for windows applications and a phonebook
database CD.

The file format used by LHA is called LZH. It uses the combination of LZ
and Huffmann coding. I have never cared a lot about the details.

Take a look at "" for more information:


"Well, well, you have committed an error, that's all, Monsieur Paganel."
"What, Monsieur McNabbs! you tell me I have committed an error?"
"An inadvertence, if you like, which you can put among the ERRATA in the next edition."
Paganel, highly incensed at his geographical knowledge being brought in question, and even jested
about, allowed his ill-humor to get the better of him, and said:
"Know, sir, that my books have no need of such ERRATA."
"Indeed! Well, on this occasion they have, at any rate," retorted McNabbs, quite as obstinate as
his opponent. 
"Sir, I think you are very annoying to-day."
"And I think you are very crabbed."

-- Jules Verne, The Castaways.