Errata list for Variable-Length Codes for Data Compression

Last Updated 8 May 2014 Errors found by the author Page 5, line -15: "Eve-" should be "Even-". Page 143, line 2: "thet" should be "they". ------- Nov. 2008: Error found by Jan de Vries Section 1.9 on the phased-in codes is all wrong. The correct description of these interesting codes can now be found here. -------- Mar 2009: Error found by Jan Platoš Page 102, Equation 2.3 is wrong. The correct version (in LaTeX) is b_{i}=\left [ \left \lfloor \frac{c}{\left ( 2^{n}-1 \right )^{i}} \right \rfloor \mod \left ( 2^{n}-1 \right )\right ]+1, \; \; i=0, 1, \dots, k_{n}(m)-1. Also, on line 4: the taboo pattern is the (-1)th block, the blocks are generated in the order ... b4 b3 b2 b1 b0 TABOO_PATTERN, because the generated code must be same as in Table 2.28 (page 101). -------- May 2010: Error found by Ugo Vaccaro. Page 180, bibliography item "Capocelli and De Santis (1992)" the list of authors is incomplete. The correct item is: R. M. Capocelli, A. De Santis, L. Gargano and U. Vaccaro (1992) "On the Construction of Statistically Synchronizable Codes", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IT-38(2):407-414, March. -------- Apr 2012: Error found by Kraig Hudson (reported by his son Nicholas James Hudson). Page 121, Table 2.38, the second column in the table entry for $n=7$ should be 20 instead of 18. -------- May 2014: A comment by Takeshi Chujoh. Code "ECW VLC(1)" on the right row of Table 1 in my 1997 article is better (has shorter average length) than the similar code in table 3.13 on p.163. The article is: T. Chujoh and T. Watanabe, "Reversible code and its application to error-tolerant video coding," IECE Trans. A (Japan), vol. J80-A, no.3, pp.532--541, March 1997. This is in Japanese and is available here. -------- "If you don't make mistakes you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake" Frank Wilczek, unsolicited advice to grad student (1974?) appears in {\it Longing for the harmonies} p. 261