A Guide to Data Compression Methods.

By David Salomon. Published by Springer (February 2002). ISBN 0-387-95260-8. LCCN QA76.9.D33.S28 2001. xii+295 pages.

Russian cover

A Russian translation was published by Technosphera (December 2004). ISBN 5-94836-027-X. iii+365 pages.

A BibTeX style file and an Errata list are available.

A concise guide (i.e., compilation) of essential data compression methods and algorithms for text, audio, and image data. The book has an accompanying CD-ROM with a collection of public domain/open source programs and algorithms.

Table of Contents

Introduction                             1
Statistical Methods                      9
Dictionary Methods                      57
Image compression                       81
Wavelet Methods                        167
Video compression                      227
Audio compression                      241
Bibliography                           269
Glossary                               275
Joining The Data Compression Community 284
Appendix of algorithms                 285
Index                                  287
CD-ROM (inside back cover)

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